Pony of Death- Macaria Picture

OK, I had an idea, and I'm still not sure about the end result, but here you go. (I also thought about this WAY more than I should have. My sincerest apologies to Lauren Faust. )

Inspired in part by Watership Down, I created a personification (ponysonification? ) of death for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic universe (because I'm more than slightly unhinged) . I couldn't help wondering how death would happen for them, it being a magical land and all, so I hit on the idea that there would be some sort of entity that oversees the whole thing, just as Luna and Celestia deal with the moon and sun. And like Luna, she has different forms, though hers have nothing to do with being evil or power-hungry.

Macaria's forms depend entirely on whom she is visiting, and their deeds in life would determine how they see her. In the case of a good, hard-working pony like Granny Smith, she would appear in this form because Granny Smith's good soul would cause her to see Death this way. A pony who had spent their life being evil, without truly repenting of their evil deeds, would see her in her other form, Hecate. (I'll be posting that version in a few days. ) If, for instance, a good pony and a bad pony were seeing her at the same time, they would still see her differently from one another. Because her appearance is based entirely on the perception of those she brings to the afterlife, no one actually knows her true form.

Running with the Greco-Roman motif often invoked in the show (Celestia, Luna, Tartarus, Ursa Minor, etc. ) , I named her Macaria. In Greek Mythology, Macaria was the daughter of Hades and represented a 'blessed death' , i.e. she who ruled over the souls of those who had lived good lives. I thought that was a good fit, so I went with it. However, she would have many names depending on regional language differences. Macaria is how Twilight Sparkle etc. would know her. Zecora, on the other hand, would know Macaria by another name from her own language, and would have her own culture's stories surrounding her.

I wanted Macaria to look related to the ponies whose souls she was guiding to the afterlife, but still somewhat alien, so I based her looks on the Windigoes from the Hearth's Warming Eve episode. That way, she would seem even more 'god-like' in appearance than the royal sisters (because, you know, Death. ) She's still got a cutie mark, but it's more for the sake of familiarity. Also, to make the whole thing streamlined, she rules over death for ALL of the creatures of that world, including zebras and griffons and such, so this is just the form she uses with ponies. Maybe someday, if I really lose my mind, I might try and draw her griffon/zebra/whatever form. We'll see.

To the good, Macaria is gentle and merciful, and helps to ease their way into the new and potentially frightening realm of death. She's especially tender with those who die very young. However, death comes to all at some point, so she is also impartial in that regard. There is no escaping her, no matter how kind or beautiful she is. Unless Luna and Celestia, or any other beings in that world, turn out to actually be immortal and not just nearly immortal, they will eventually have to meet her like anyone else. All good souls are guided to the Elysian Fields (woo Greek mythology! ) by Macaria to spend eternity with their loved ones. (Or, if they were evil in life, to wander around alone and in darkness for eternity. Because a show for kids really needs this. Anyway, more on that part of Macaria's realm when I post the other half of this picture. )

It is important to note that Macaria/Hecate walks among the beings of the MLP world all the time, but a pony can only see her if they're dead/on the point of death. Or, in rare cases, she will appear to warn or comfort, but it is almost always her lot to wander their world unseen and unknown by the living. At most, living beings will feel her presence where there has been death, but that feeling varies with the manner of death/individual feeling her presence.

I'm sure most of you won't care to read this, which is fine. My brain wouldn't turn off until I stuffed myself full of turkey and passed out, so be thankful this explanation isn't a LOT longer. I'd be interested to know what other people have come up with for the ponysonification of death for this world, because I can't be the first to have thought about this.

Note: Granny Smith is just here to be an example of a good pony. I PROMISE I DIDN'T KILL HER OFF. O__O

Other half here:
Hecate by SapphireGamgee, Dec 2, 2013 in Cartoons & Comics > Digital Media > Cartoons > Drawings" data-super-img="http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/343/3/1/ponies_of_death__hecate_by_sapphiregamgee-d6wgays.jpg" data-super-width="900" data-super-height="762" data-super-transparent="false">
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