Isis and Her Felinae Goddesses Picture

Our next Goddess is Isis.
Isis is a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and is celebrated in their mythology as the ideal mother and wife, patron of nature and magic; friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, as well as listening to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.

Next to her is Bastet the cat goddess of the sun which was later turned into a goddess of the moon, and also the lioness goddess of the sun and war- Sekmet.

"Isis and the Goddesses of the Moon and the Sun"

Amidst the sands of the great land
An empire's built with fame,wealth and pow'rs
Etched in the golds and through the crystals she arised
Before the king, spoke the goddess of the slaves...

"Free my sons!, i shall give thee powers and vict'ry in wars"
"Free your slaves! the choice to choose between what is must and what must not... i shall let you see...

"Here by your side, are princesses and a queen, rulers of tribes and your protectors my king,
riches of the nile forever will flood if you abide"...
"Wisdom and truth are laid at your feet,
Aligns the sun and the moon at my wrist...
Bringers of the light, the knowledge of men...
Shall free your heart"

(Just a short poem i wrote for the illustration to complement it
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