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Illustration for the fanfic "The last Jinchuriki"

link to fanfic - ficbook.net/readfic/552725

Words (hieroglyphs), out-of-rows of letters that wrote Hatake to nowhere .... simple soul cry T_T

if interested:

戦 - war.

家 - home.

孤独 - loneliness.

待つ - wait.

喜び - joy (happiness).

住む - live.

望む - hope.

Origami values​​:

1) Wolf (mean earth, evil, devouring passion and rage.)
2) dragon (mythological dragon symbolizes the test, which must go through to get the treasure.)
3) Dove (symbolizes the spirit of life, the soul, the transition from one state to another, the spirit of light, purity (but in some traditions - the symbol of lust), innocence, gentleness and peace.)
4) Turtle (Embodies the water, the moon, Mother Earth, the beginning of creation, time, immortality, fertility, renewal of nature. Tortoise supports the world often portrayed. With it, connect the beginning of creation and see it as underpinning the whole world.)
5) Crane (This is the messenger of the gods, symbolizing a message to the gods, the ability to enter into higher states of consciousness.)
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