The Day and the Night Picture

October 10, 2010

Once upon a time there was a forest which gave home the trickiest and smartest couple of foxes who were sister and brother. Their plans never failed and they were infamous among the humans and sacred amongst their own kind.

They always had some sort of plan and they never failed in making them come true. They were happy and they always rested under the oldest Oak shadow and talked about their next plan or their previous successful ideas. One day they wanted to do something more, something greater, even though no human had courage anymore to come close to the forest. One day the Grand Oak smiled on them and began talking to them:

"You two remind me on me in my early ages. You talk like you would be the greatest tricksters in the world, but I have to disagree. The greatest tricksters would be able to trick the Gods themselves!"

The foxes looked at each other and both had the same idea in their minds; make a plan how to make fun out of the Gods themselves! They were thinking day and night without rest and when they looked up to the sky they conceived a perfect plan; they must steal the Sun and Moon from the Gods. When they were ready they immediately set their plan in motion and went to the Garden of Heaven like little shadows and waited for the right time to try to steal the Sun and Moon together. When they did they ran out of the Garden, bringing chaos and confusion to the world with the Sun and Moon they stole. While they were having fun they also found out that their best trick ever made the Gods angry and when the foxes were not expecting it, the Gods punished them for their crime.

The Gods forced the brother and sister to wear the Sun and the Moon above their heads for eternity and be the Day and the Night. The brother became the holder of the Sun, the one who brings the light and the Day, while the sister became the holder of the Moon and Stars who brings the darkness and the Night. Their greatest punishment was that they could only meet at the Dawn and Twilight when they walked right next to each for a short moment. In that moment they would stop for a minute and remembered their good times together, but not long after they must continue walking on and look back until the other ones shape disappears in the Night or Day...

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