Crow Bird Messenger Picture

In some mythologies and folklore crows and ravens are carriers of souls to the next world. Also, as carrion birds, crows are associated with death and carry secret knowledge of death and the afterlife.
The circle: Wholeness; roundness is sacred as the most natural shape (atoms, bubbles, planets); the infinite, eternity; all thing cyclic; recurrence; rebirth; resurrection.
In the image, notice how the circle is intersected by the body of the bird creating a crescent moon.
The crescent: The crescent moon is par excellence; the passive feminine principle; change; the waxing crescent signifies the beginning or renewal of a cycle.

the above mentioned meaning of symbols comes from research done by me and from J.C. COOPER's AN ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TRADITIONAL SYMBOLS, copyright 1978 Thames & Hudson Ltd., London

Acrylics, graphite pencil and collage on illustration board.
6x10 inches

Not Available

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