Invisible Flames Picture

Edit: Yes, I flipped it back again to the original alignment because I noticed just now, that his clothing would be totally wrong. Sorreh.

I bet nobody will see the advertizing.
The weird thing is, I neither like cars, nor soft drinks.

I do what I want.

First official Avengers fanart. (As if the world would need another one). ANNNNNNNOTHER.
And also my first try to draw a town.
That picture actually was not supposed to get that huge, I never intended to paint Loki, neither I wanted to draw a whole fucking town behind him. Though I am happy ~Nahyon convinced me to do so. Now I can say that I am able to at least draw buildings which can be recognised as such. Though the background turned out way too detailed , but at least I haven't made the the mistake again, of painting the background even behind the person (which I did on "Querfeldein").
Lokis eternal face fucked me up, because of my incapacity of referencing faces properly from Tom Sexyface Hiddleston. I am still not completely sure of his nose.
I have drawn his clothes only twice and am already able to draw them almost entirely from my memory D:

about 20 - 25 hours in SAI/CS3

Thanks to *Dae-Thalin who helped me with her suggestions during the progress, especially on the eye<3

Lokiface © Marvel/Nordic Mythology?
Art © =Acayth
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