Serenity's Male Harem Picture

Hello everyone!

Phew.... It's been a long time hasn't it? A VERY long time! Looking at my own history on deviantart, I think this may be the longest I've ever taken to submit a new deviation! Well.... I blame real life and lack of motivation/inspiration for that.... But I hope that this new piece will begin to change that. As I mentioned in my journal last month, I've been inspired by other things as of late and I hope that may mean something new and exciting in terms of the art that I create. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about this piece shall we?

Yeah.... where can I even start about this one? I guess I should say that for better or worse this piece took an insanely long amount of time to complete. Not that I'm unhappy with the result mind you, but I'm a bit perplexed myself why it took THAT long to do! As a whole it's not too complex an image, despite the thought behind it, but again, I like to believe that it's due to the reasoning above, at least in part.

So let me simplify the concept behind it then.... I suppose some of you may be wondering about the title that I gave this piece, for starters. In truth, it's rather innocent despite my hopefully eye-catching title of choice. As per each year, I find it tradition that I do a crossover piece which began several years ago with my Yami Yugi and Sailor Moon painting:

Moon by *yamigirl21, Jul 13, 2004 in Manga & Anime > Traditional Media > Paintings">
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