Hati's Crescent (Contest) EDIT Picture

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Ok, I admit, I dont normally design or draw weapons at all, but I really enjoy it! I like making the little details on the metal and making it shine. Im pretty happy with it!
The design is actually for a contest. My friend Will (KamiWasa) makes a lot of the props and weapons in Jess' new series, Dreams of Estorra. Recently, he posted a contest on his twitter where it describes making a weapon design and the winning design may be featured in the series. I thought it'd be fun, and it was ^^ I MAY or may not have gone a bit over board XD but like I said, it was fun.

You can find Will's twitter here: twitter.com/KamiWasa

Scythe name: Hati's crescent
The name is actually connected to a little back story involving a group of weapons I never got to physically design. The story never really had a point, but it was enjoyable to play with. Basically, there are two weapons: Hati's crescent, being the one you see above, and Skoll's flame, yet another scythe but with lighter coloring (blue and white instead of grey and red). Both are based off of the Norse mythology involving Hati and Skoll who chase both sun and moon. Though these are two seperate weapons, if met, they can be connected to create a dual scythe named Ragnarök

EDIT: Welp, I didnt win ^^ But, it was a nice run and I congratulate the winners! Well done

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