Kelpie Picture The thumb view in the file upload makes it look really creepy...and y'know what else? You know you've been working with digital media too long when you lay down paint in the wrong spot and think "undo" and nothing happens. -_-
Hrm. and the scanner ate some colours, of course. The highlights in the mane are a seafoam green. Not quite as white as they appear here. The scanner's also reminding me that I should probably gesso out the texture of the canvas...

Um. Anyhow...did this for *Dianae's mythology contest, linked here: [link] Finished just in time! Woo!!!!

This is a darker take on the kelpie of Scottish mythology. My research on the stories turned up two varieties. The mischievous white horse that likes to dunk people in their river and the darker one reputed to drown people for dinner. Some variations said they were all otherwise normal looking horses, some said they were black with serpents in their forever dripping manes.

Worked on this on and off for about a week or two.
Acrylic on 10X20 inch canvas.
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