Selene Picture

Alter ego of Lanfear, Daughter of the Night and a fan favorite from the Chosen in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time™ series. As her sigil is a crescent moon and stars, I chose to conflate her with the moon goddess Selene from mythology. I'm sure she wouldn't mind being compared to a goddess!! This is my very first completely digital piece of art... usually I paint in watercolor. I had a loose sketch on trash, which I scanned and drew over in subsequent layers in Photoshop CS2 on my Wacom. Obviously I was influenced by the Master of Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha, who is one of my favorite artists/designers. Design and artwork copyrighted by me, though the character belongs to Robert Jordan.

This Wheel of Time™ work is officially licensed for prints, which are available through my personal website at on the Prints page.
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