Of Demons Picture

The universal appearance of demons in religions and cultures from all over the world perhaps speaks to a fundamental desire to understand the nature of evil and the motivation behind evil acts. The mythology of demons is quite complex, with many cultures having unique hierarchies of demons and a number of famous named demons, such as Satan in Christian mythology.

In all cases, demons have supernatural powers, and many cultures have superstitious traditions which are supposed to repel demons, ranging from leaving offerings to the demons to wearing particular objects to ward them off. Many cultures also have an assortment of friendly demons and evil demons, although it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference.

There are numerous types of demons. Some, for example, are merely playful earth or nature spirits who enjoy making mischief, while others are classified as tempters who lead people into sin. Demons may also work in opposition to a deity or deities, or they may assist witches and other evildoers. Some cultures classify demons as human, meaning that they are the spirits of the dead, or nonhuman, and demons may possess people to do evil, or act independently.
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