PKMN to Digimon Meme-Gardevoir Picture

Another Pokemon to Digimon meme, this time featuring a Ralts evolution and one of my absolute favorite Pokemon, Gardevoir.

Obviously still heavily influenced by the Angemon/Angewomon line, with a bit of a Middle Eastern flair, a dash of Sailor Moon, and even a touch of Christian mythos. Gardevoir is the Embrace Pokemon, its Pokedex entry stating that it will give its life to protect its trainer. I've always seen the red horn on Gardevoir's chest as an approximation of a blade stuck through its body as it did just that. From there it was a simple leap to the tale of Christ's sacrifice, hence the bolts in the feet and the daggers in the palms of Guardiamon's hands. Don't worry. It doesn't hurt them; they can even pull them out to launch attacks.

Also, Gardevoir may have the potential to be both male and female in the world of Pokemon, but in the world of Digimon they are only female. Because I can.

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