The Bamboo Princess Picture

...When the time came to name her they called her The Bamboo Princess, because she was found among the bamboo, and because she was more beautiful than any princess....

Whenever the full moon whitened the earth with its soft light she would go away by herself and weep.

One evening late in summer she was sitting on a balcony looking up at the moon, and sobbing as though her heart would break.

Her old father came to her and said, "My daughter, tell me your trouble. I know that you have tried to keep it from me lest I should grieve, too, but it will kill me to see you so sad if I cannot help you."

Then the princess said, "I weep, dear father, because I know that I must soon leave you. My home is really in the moon. I was sent here to take care of you, but now the time comes when I must go. I do not wish to leave you, but I must. When the next full moon comes they will send for me."

Her father was sad indeed to hear this, but answered: "Do you think that I will let anyone come and take you away? I shall go to the Emperor himself and ask his aid."

"It will be of no use. No one can keep me when the time comes," she answered sadly.

The Japanese folk tale can be read here - [link]

Photo & postprocessing © Maxinne Marie
For *Dianae's Gods, Goddesses and Mythology Contest [link]

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