Geas Picture

Geas (a. geis) - In Irish mythology and folklore, an obligation, taboo or prohibition placed upon someone, similar to a vow or a curse.

During full moon, bathing in brilliant silvery light, the six ancient pillars guarding small forest pond come to life. Their pitch black, smooth surface glows with runes and flowing script emerging from the depths of the stone, as if weaving a long-forgotten spell, old as the Earth and lasting till the end of time itself.

This piece contains everything good fantasy forest needs:
- misty tree-like stuff in the distance (because manipping trees sucks, I mean, I never intended to make another tree manip after Into The Woods, and look at this)
- phallic symbols
- radioactive lake
- monstrous flower things that should never grow in a normal, self-respecting forest
so behold the pollution... I mean, haunting charm and magic of this image.
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