Alicorn Origins Picture

I love pony origin stories, especially how it all got started with the alicorns (in some of the stories, anyway).

For months I've been trying to put together my own origin story and hopefully tell it one day in the style of a comic/illustrated storybook-type hybrid.

I chose the ever popular day/evening/night cycle with night created "first." I'm basing it heavily on Greek mythology and from the books I've read, the moon is a central feature.

These alicorns have no cutie marks, as I wanted that to be part of the origin. They are the "triple goddesses" of the 'standard alicorns' to follow. All of them would still have a Celestia-type build.

It's a world filled with alicorns, and other magical creatures including exalted horses, but ponies don't exist as we know them currently.

The unicorn, Amalthea, from the The Last Unicorn was an inspiration for the night alicorn. She will most likely also share the name.

I'm still deciding on the others' names.

Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Discord would be the main characters once Equestria is established.

This would be a huge project for me, and might never get quite off the ground, but I might still throw out snatches and pictures of it here and there.

Edit: As probably of like mid 2013 I decided on their names:


All from Greek mythology, all can be found as names of gods/demigods etc.
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