Hrimfaxi.. Picture

".......there's a darkness living deep in my soul.. i'm alone in the dark......."

Behind this image;; This is my first of the pair entry for =Behana's Folklore Contest. Here is Hrímfaxi, the horse of Nótt (night), meaning; "rime mane" (or "frost mane") in Norse Mythology. Images of Hrímfaxi show him pitch black with a flaxen mane and tail.

Day » Skinfaxi

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-- Steal this and I will tear your eyes out like the killer did in Black Christmas!

Photomanipulation copyrighted to devils-horizon.
Horse: ~cineh » xXx
Background: *peace-of-art » xXx
Brushes: *redheadstock
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Time: Approx. 5½-6 hrs

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