(AB-loon) (AS-fin-ks)

ABLUN-normal- similar to how ABSOL was said ot be created, its name is derived from "AB" as in ABsence and "LUN" derived from luna having to do with the moon, together meaning like, absence of moon or darkness, similar to absol being an absense of "SOL" sun, light

"From birth the horns on its head are said to have highly accute senses, allowing it to read conditions of nature thusly being able to predict natural disasters."

-ASPHYNX-dark/flying- its name is derived from the words SPHINX, the mythological beast featured in egyptian and greecian legends and lore as a a wise and crafty monster that tells riddles and devours those who answer incorrectly, and the word ASPHYXIATE which is in reference to ASPHYNX' piercing glare that is said to cause shortness of breath

"said ot be the gaurdian of ancient ruins it has mystical ties to the past and future allowing it to not only forsee, but prevent natural disasters"

so anyway, the idea sprouted from the idea of absol looking like a sphinx, and playing off the idea who is more like a sphinx
its tail and horn thing both move to the rear where they adapt winglike properties thus making it a dark and flying type still allowing for slashing attacks, its mane is longer and fluffier like a lion, and its head taking on an egyptian headress look :0

the evolution i plan involves a doule battle, absol evolving when fighting side by side with a specific legendary, one with an odd effect, im thinking of the chimera legendary i was working on :0

ASPHYNX is a protector/gaurdian of legendary pokemon, so think along those lines (inspired by the movie with jirachi and absol) also maybe womehting with the word sphinx used, or alluded to in the name...

and ablun's head resembles the sun in some respects

both ideas are © to me!
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