Moon Dragon Flight Picture

Hey look! Over a year in the making and with you know, most of that time completely unattended (I hate hate hate hate colouring wings.. I got a quarter of the way, stopped, got half n stopped for like 8 months. Does that say much?)

Started like a month or two after I finished the first one (because I'm an idiot and wanted to do ANOTHER one even though that one took me forever to finish). Mostly as they're actually absurdly easy to draw once the flow starts happening and you get a base design you like.. It's the colouring that makes it all a bitch, seriously.

Yes, there's like errors in the anatomy, mostly in the back lower wing, but it took ages trying to fix it then I couldn't be bothered and moved on. Look at the tails instead! Those are very nice and smooth and I like their twistiness.

Uh.. background is bleargh.. I couldn't recreate the effect I did the first time. I seriously can't remember how I did it very well and it's very much ARGH. Pssht..

The wings also needed more time on them, especially the blue feathers for more detail and appreciation an what not.. But hey, it's taken over a year, I wanted to get something done that looks FINISHED for these holidays and well.. I haven't even got any half finished bits and pieces laying around like I thought so I finished this guy. Woo.

All in PS3. Probably like 30hours or something all together cause colourings a pain and it was probably a few hours sketch/roughing it then outlining and what not.

So yeah.. Nother Moon Dragon, a bit more lizard like in the face than the last one and with wings out! A purely free one (no binding wraps and all) and.. yeah.

I'm done. Thanks for looking. Comments are lovely!

..Download for full size if you can be bothered to await a 5mb file. Ha.
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