MYth: Artemis Light Picture

...will scrap later...
because this is only a portion of the full body character art.

I was kind of sad/surprised when people said my Artemis is "a total rip off of Sailor Moon character".... be honest.... I have not seen any Sailor Moon art for almost 10 years. (no kidding) but I do admit, Sailor Moon influenced me so much when I was a child. so it's probably embedded in my sub-consciousness ...XD (?)

I went to research the character of Diana from Sailor Moon, because the staff/judge from Tokyopop said I copied the character design of Diana from Sailor Moon... they really look that similar?
(I guess any anime style chracter with curly hair and a moon on the forehead would look like a Sailor Moon rip- off?)

I have always drawn my Artemis this way, so regardless of what people say, I will keep her this way.
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