Where Do Stars Come From ? Picture

"The Night Princess, eternal shepherd and guardian of dreams, has performed her duties as the younger celestial ruler from the beginning of legends. As bodies fall into eternal slumber, it is said that she transcends the minds and spirits to a mysterious, luminous realm. It is here, the very origin of miracles and magic, where the divine sisters watch over our destinies.

Those who have not come to fulfill their hopes and dreams, are sent back to the world and are reborn through the magic of stardust. Enlightened ones, who have completed their destinies, are transformed into radiant stars, twinkling and traveling the night sky. Once joining their ancestors, they too, watch over their beloved families still residing on Equestria. Eternal Love, one of the strongest forms of magic, allows them to be together with their loved ones again, in the deepest of dreams."

As you can tell-- I'm no writer. But the idea popped into my head today. I somehow linked Luna/Nightmare Moon as the reaper, misunderstood, even feared and unappreciated, but is the one who takes you to your next destination after death, who isn't a monster in the slightest. (On looking into this, my Mexican background might have lent me to this way of thinking, confusing the reaper with Saint Michael maybe..? Heh. Or Hades. I DON'T KNOW.) Anyhow. Enjoy and ignore this little background story at your leisure. ❤

Also no religious debates. 'Tis only meant to be a silly mythology/legend for a cartoon pony show! ;3

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