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The world of Gaia is something of a cosmic curiosity. It exists in a geocentric star system, wherein the Sun and Moon orbit around the planet itself, instead of the typical heliocentric system other worlds abide by. Scientists and scholars generally disagree on exactly why Gaia is such an anomaly; some say it was simply created that way, others say that the interference of the alicorns threw off Gaia's natural systems and necessitated magical management. Still others theorize that the world used to exist in a heliocentric system, but a cataclysmic event far back in the world's history permanently stopped Gaia's natural orbit.

Gaia's high concentration of magic has always made it attractive to the more power-hungry mythological beasts. Eons ago, however, Gaia had no more magic than the alicorn homeworld of Elysium. Then the inherent magic of the world was more wild than it is now; not as wild as the draconequus homeworld of Vanaheim but not as easily manipulated as it is currently. The first alicorn of Harmony oversaw the world's development, supervising the developing races and ensuring that the goings-on of Gaia were allowed to follow their destined path. For the first few millennia of the world's history Gaia's Sun and Moon rose on their own, with no interference required from Harmony or the developing races. A perfect system in perfect harmony...and infinitely appealing to the first Chaos.
After the first Chaos descended on Gaia the world was caught up in a war. The war between Harmony and Chaos threw off the natural order on Gaia, permanently stopping Gaia's orbit around its Sun and causing the world itself to stop spinning. In the rapidly changing and inhospitable conditions, the developing races of that era were driven to extinction. The war ended when Chaos and Harmony each struck each other down, and for a million years after that Gaia was a barren wasteland.

A million years after Gaia stopped spinning, the Oracle bade the alicorns of Day and Night to descend upon the world and respond to its unique needs. They flew from Elysium to Gaia, each shedding a single feather and casting them into Gaia's Sun and Moon. From the feather of Day was born the first Sun, Sol, manifesting out of the sunbeams at sunset, and from the feather of Night was born the first Moon, Nyx, manifesting out of the moon shadows under a full moon. They both were born fully formed with their destinies emblazoned on their coats, and for the next several millennia they tirelessly raised and lowered Gaia's Sun and Moon until the world stabilized. The desert under the constant sunlight yielded to forests and waterways, and the frozen wasteland under the moonlight yielded to rushing rivers and plains, and in Gaia's new climate, life emerged again.

Sol and Nyx didn't see much of each other while Gaia was being stabilized. They first met mere centuries before ponies emerged as a species; myths say it was love at first sight, but in reality it was Sol who first fell for the Moon. They settled on one continent, in the lands which would eventually become Equestria, and continued to raise the celestial spheres over the developing races. Ponies and other sentient species were eventually present on every continent, evolving to adapt to the conditions of their native climate. In the east were the Kirin and Longma, to the north were the Crystal ponies, Hippogriffs and Yaks, to the west were the Zebra and Giraffes, and to the south were the three pony tribes, coexisting with the Buffalo and Deer. Sea serpents and Sirens populated the oceans and waterways alongside the seaponies, while in the mountains dragons roosted alongside Griffins. Sol and Nyx shared a continent with the three pony tribes, acting as King and Queen to the ponies and overseeing their development as a species. By this time Nyx had fallen for the Sun, and the two were married under the dawn before the current alicorn of Love. A few years later, Nyx gave birth to their first and only foal, Concordia of Harmony.
Concordia was the third alicorn of Harmony, opposite to the current draconequus of Chaos, Hodgpodge. She grew up among the ponies of Gaia and had many friends by the time she reached adulthood. When she came of age, Hodgpodge escorted her to Elysium to meet the rulers of the alicorn homeworld, while Sol and Nyx stayed on Gaia and continued raising the Sun and Moon. While Concordia was away, Sol fell ill; the source of his illness was as much a mystery as his rapid decline because of it. It's said that, during Hodgpodge's absence and consequently his failure to contain the lingering Chaos magic from the original Chaos-Harmony War to the Everfree Forest, the Chaos magic infected Sol, leaving him deathly ill and nearly unable to perform his duties. Concordia returned to Gaia shortly after Sol fell ill, and within the next year Sol's condition progressively worsened, until he finally succumbed and died in the night.
Nyx was driven mad with grief. She denied her husband's death, refusing to lower the Moon and allow the Sun to rise without Sol to guide it. For two days the Moon stayed in its place in the night sky; Concordia tried to reason with her mother but Nyx was steadfast, refusing to let the Sun rise on a world without Sol in it. Concordia attempted to raise the Sun herself, enraging Nyx and causing her to become violent toward her own daughter. A fight ensued, ending with Concordia being forced to smite Nyx and seal her essence away in the Moon. A new era then began, with the unicorns of Sol and Nyx's kingdom taking up the task of raising the Sun and Moon. Concordia then went into hiding among the ponies, living and "dying" among them and managing Gaia's harmony "behind the scenes".

Thousands of years would pass before the next Sun and Moon were born. By then Sol and Nyx would be lost to history, and the alicorns and draconequui would fade into myth. Through Gaia's next age Harmony would prevail, until the newly born draconequus of Chaos, Discord, would visit.


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