Horns of the Kraken Picture

In a not too distant alien mythology, it is said that the body of an immense creature lies just beneath the waves of the ocean where it fell dead many millennia ago. The offspring of the Gods of the sky, the Kraken fell through the division in the planet's ring system and plummeted to its death. The giant creatures horns are still visible to this day sticking above the water of this moon's ocean marking where its body lies beneath. Or so they say... I'm convinced the story is just something the local merchants tell the tourists.

My new work "Horns of the Kraken" depicts an alien beach where the setting sun is illuminating the unique rock formations just offshore. This ocean moons parent world can be seen in the background as a methane-rich gas giant giving the planet a greenish hue much like our very own Uranus. As we continue to find more and more real planets out in space, I'm sure many sights like this must exist. Oh! to stand in such a spot!

The landscape for this scene was rendered (about 10 hrs) using Vue 2015. I added the gas giant, ring system, and moons using Photoshop. All clouds are from photographs I took myself. As always, if you have any comments, I'd love to hear what you think of this piece!
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