Gaia-the World Tarot Picture

Representing the World Card, the spiritual embodiment of the earth, the creative life force that runs through the entire universe, Gaia is the primordial earth-goddess in ancient Greek mythology and just one of the universal manifestations of the ‘Great Mother’ discovered in all cultures dating back to Paleolithic times.

Known as Mother Nature or Mother Earth, she forms part of the triple goddess with aspects of maiden, mother and crone, intertwining in the same way as life’s natural cycles; the moon, the tides, growth, time and space.

Gaia reconnects us with our instinctive selves and the natural rhythms of the earth, where death is part of regeneration rather than an end, and birth is not simply a beginning but a phase in the continuum.

With her sacred owl that ties her to all wisdom, the earth’s caretaker reminds us to live in harmony with all her creatures and resources. She reminds us of the interconnectedness of all that lives in the world.

Numbered twenty-one, The World or Universe is the final card of the Major Arcana in the tarot, a card of completion, satisfaction and fulfillment. We begin in innocence, endure our hardships but emerge stronger, wiser, balanced and measured. As the cycle completes so it also begins. We are at one with the world.

Model: The beautiful Indian Owl Goddess Alevtina at ~SariennStock [link]
Background forest by *InertiaK [link]
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