Topielica Picture

/edit 10.07.2008

finally found time to fix her face and some general lights. yay! here's a comparison: [link]

also, the one sent before was flipped, but I decided to leave it how it was.. I know I wrote earlier about sharing a tutorial about this one and perhaps I will, if anyone's interested, after I'll fix some other older pieces..


Topielica - meaning a girl who drowned / was drowned / is constantly drowning. She lives by the water (lake usually, but swamp like terrains came to my mind) where she died of unfortunate love or was killed. Teases men to come close to her and then drowns them. Usually has black hair, black eyes with no pupils, dressed in white or wears no clothes at all. Polish (well, slavic) mythology.

I hope to make whole series on slavic mythology, actually
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