Sunset Bride Picture

Oi- Another one in such short time- I think I'm too active recently 8D.But I'm happy that I'm more motivated to practise drawing and colouring this year. And thanks to that I found a better way to shade hair. Until now it was a big pain for me. Luckily this picture helped me to find the solution <3

The idea is rather not ambitious and creative. I just got it when I was listening to Utada Hikaru's songs. The girl is my OC Mizuki from my story.
More can be found here: [link]

No comment about anatomy this time- let's all just skip this part today,oki XD? and yep- Usada sucks so badly at shading nature such as water or trees. Let's all pretend we don't see that here too....

Three days and I don't want to spend any more time on it (lazyness mode on).

Mizuki (or Mitsuki cause you can spell her name also like that) means "beautful moon" in Japanese.

mechanical pencil, Adobe Photoshop, Mayang textures as usual

I put the barcode to make the pic look like the cover of some book. yeah.. it's sooooooooo lame
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