Temple Of Utu - Unreal Engine 4 Environment Picture

This is a collab between me and Martin Holmberg for the Polycount Throne Room contest! Rendered in real time on the Unreal Engine 4.

The backstory is the following:
"Our environment takes place in a distant planet where a civilization was built upon a complex mythology based on the worship of their host star, Utu. This planet is surrounded by several moons each represented by a specific deity that plays a major role in controlling the planet's natural cycles. On the 333th day of each year, the rising sun shines directly on the throne, signaling the beginning of 7 days of darkness. This period which is believed to be the Underworld god Nedu returning to judge the recently deceased is in fact caused by a huge moon (also known as Nedu) eclipsing the host star and plunging the planet into darkness."

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