The Wise Villa or Vasilisa the Picture

My name is Alena Klementieva aka Fish-KA. I am from Russia, I Live in S. Petersburg,
in old part the city. I am an artist-illustrator and conseptartist. I can let myself make art or draw for my pleasure or participate in competition sometimes.
This drawing is done for myself, also. To be correct , it was prepared as a birthday present to my friend Julia Alekseeva, artist aka Julax (or CG-warrior).
Her face inspired me to create the Wase Villa.s image.
Julia is real Russian beauty and remarkable artist. Beside making art I am fond of Slavonic my theology, of studying ethnolodgy , eposes, myths, legends, bylimes, fairy-teles and traditions of
Ancient Slavs.
I am interested in Kelt,s and Skandinavian mythology as well.
My personage is one of the most beautiful images in the Slavonic mythology .the Slavonic goddess the Wise Villa traditionally is more known as Vasilisa the Wise. She is magician, who
Masters woods and waters , defends nature.
Besides she can change her images , can turn herself into a frog, a swan or a duck, can weave nice cloth from the moon light. She is very wise, noble and pretty, has sacral assistants, for instants, Maiden Cat and Oldster Eagle-owl.
She has conquered a heart of Koscshey the Deathless , one of the most powerfule sinister gods of ancient Slavs. He is the darkest personage in Slavonic mythology the master of kindom of Deads (lake Aid in Ancient notions .)
Koschey kidnapped Vasilisa the Wise and imprisoned her into his kindom.
The plot of one of the most famous fairy-tale Frog-Princess is connected with Vasilisa.s wonderful rescue from this capture by Ivan the Ttsar.s Son.
Among the other beautiful Slavonic goddesses Vasilisa is remarkable for her wisdom , cunning and ability to make magic. She performs all her magical deeds at night as a rule, saying –
Morning is more wise than evening, ( it means- Everything will be char in the morning or Morning will show everything, )

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