Moon Goddess Picture

This is my interpretation of a "goddess" spirit from Minoan times. The "labyrinth" is shown above the head known as house of the "double ax". I created this by combining many spiritual aspects of ancient civilizations and added my own creativity to it.

Around 1600 B.C. the Minoans were wiped out during a volcanic eruption which caused the island of Thera (believed by many to be Atlantis) to submerge and destroy everything within its surroundings. The effects of this disaster was experienced as far away as Egypt during the time of the "Great Exodus".

The "horns" represents phases of the moon (Minoans/Atlatneans used a lunar calendar)
The labyrinth symbolizes a spiritual path within ones self
The "ax blade" represents wings
Blue symbolizes the the vast sea
The stars represents the astral plane
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