The Night of Stars Picture

Uff... I was afraid I won't finish this picture o__O''''. It had a lot of mistakes which I was correcting endlessly. I almost lost hope... . F%#[email protected]@... *censorship* those remaining (anatomy) mistakes hurt my eyes but as usual I suck at fixing them....
*gets emo and kicks herself*

Back to the picture.... This is my another experiment with textures and changes in layers properties.
The girl is my OC Selene-the Goddess of Moon from my still undeveloped story. You can also see her here: [link] [link]
Yes- she reminds Sailor Moon since this anime had great influence on me while I was creating my own story. Actually, Sailor Moon was the first anime series which made me drawing in anime style. Plus, I loved this series very much (this was the first and last shojo series I ever liked XD.. Nowadays Usada prefers shonen series with lots of bishies)

I hope you'll like it despite of mistakes @[email protected]


mechanical pencil, Photoshop CS, a collection of textures from different sites.
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