A Goddess from Greek Mythology Picture

*I Accidentally Saw her*

I wrote your name on a sidewalk
with the wax of a candle
its potential lit
gave me insight.
I had decided you were from my youth
a goddess from Greek Mythology
knowing lords from the middle ages
drawing gothic angel art.
I lived in another time.
I felt mesmerized by your stairway
that led to open ideas.
Alas a story real
the ones that artists feel.

Eventually we all feel magic
embrace flower petals that fall on our skin
Chinese floral prints
cherry blossoms, apple trees

Once in awhile a demon
Grim reaper artwork
colored in with chalk.
Once in awhile I allow her in.
Or is it out?
It makes so little sense
allowing her at all.
She, sensing my longings for fantasy
my trappings at times
I agree
and yet
she is an evil doer.

My world outside this one
delivers a soothing soul
inside mine own...
and she
this grim reaper dealer
delivers fatal letters.
She places them inside my armor.
Nasty witch she is in deed.

Pointing out flaws...
stars cannot possibly be counted
the moon cannot be relied upon.
The sun will let you down at times
gardens are not always green
roses moan
birds lose their way
and sometimes don't return again at all.
People are not always careful
with each others hearts
they forget?
Oh, pointing out flaws
it can feel overwhelming.

And the evil in me said,
"Do you think thats true
do you?
That magic can abound?
Despite your loathsome ways?"
And at that point
noticing the rain had turned to *glitter*
the kind one finds in a jar
it became tainted
and turned then into soot.
I had to confess ...
no, there is no dream."
I bowed my head
protecting my eyes
and held out my hands
for a softer hope.

After the day had ended
I walked back to the sidewalk
where I had written your name.
Lords from the middle ages
gothic angel art
at my side.
Candle in hand
lit now to find my path.
There on the pavement
still fresh
still visible
it looked the same
as when I first wrote it down.
I was once again reminded
that I
only me
could allow that demon force to sing
cause me to fall
and tell me rain had been tainted
and could no longer birth new roses.

I could only stand there
looking down on your untouched name
squinting my eyes I could see
that it was mine
it was mine own name.
And the soot turned to rain once again.
I felt it on my tongue.
I held out my hands
wetness filled my palms.
I licked up every last drop
that a promise had displayed.
If there were flaws?
I was no longer daunted by them.
The night brought me new stars
and oh! I could not count them all!
Chills and tears.
My candle had lost its light
but the moon would guide me home.
I had a list in my pocket
new flowers I would plant
and I would wait for tiny birds
fledglings of flight
who would indeed find their way back
just like me.

A goddess of Greek Mythology
gothic angel art
met me at the gate.
I stayed up all night
under candlelight
drawing her lovely image.

-Incomitatus Pravus fossor
-4 Hours To Finish it
-A Birth Day Present For Her

Hope u like it thanks!
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