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Hey Folks!
As most of you guys know, I have a bunch of creator-owned characters. Let me let you guys in on where my head is at when I create a new character.

What I am essentialy trying to do is create my own superhero universe where the archetype is familiar, but the execution is a spin all my own. Where I get to do the things I have always thought Marvel and DC should be doing with certain characters or bring my own "What If's" to life. Like, What if Batman had powers in addition to the skills he learned? I answered that by creating Reyven. Or, what would happen if Green Lantern merged with Quasar? My answer was Protostar. See where I'm going here?

In the end, I hope to have the kind of diverse and extensive roster that the Avengers or the JLA have. Having my own counterparts to Marvel and DC's greatest. The current comics industry would suggest that indie superheroes don't have an audience. Yet, after seeing how successful Robert Kirkman has been with the superhero roster he has amassed in the pages of INVINCIBLE and a small few of other indie creators, I have really been energized to complete mine.

So, with that said, I introduce Horus! Horus is my answer to Thor, mostly. With Norse and Greek mythological representation overshadowing their less contemporary egyptian counterparts, I sought to modernize one of egyptian mythology's most known dieties with Horus. DC was on to something with Black Adam and his family and their contemporary style , but with Osiris and Isis dead and Black Adam himself back on the villian side of things, the egytian god status quo has not changed. All other incarnations of egyptian gods as superheroes seem to be outfitted with a slightly updated version of their traditional ancient wardrbes and headresses with Moon Knight being the only (and best) exception. I hate that! So, I brought current superhero costume design to an old god.

With Horus, I also gave him as much power and diverse abilities as his role in the egyptian pantheon suggest. If Thor is the god of thunder, then Horus is the god of the sky. It is said the one of Horus' eyes is the sun and the other the moon. I guess with control over both....that would make him a total badass! I'll leave it at that.

Well, this was pretty fun giving you guys an insight to the way I think when creating new characters and where I will be going with it all. I hope you've enjoyed my rant!

Be Back Soon!
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