Moon dragon Picture

Still figuring out my style for my personal project, This is a mythologic creature of - I hope soon developped properly - one of the comics I want to make.
I used ballpoint pen and watercolours as usual, I'm infact questioning myself if I should keep using these tools. I'm trying something else too, but I still suck. I don't know if to improve my current skills with my usual tools or develop on a new path. I will probably end doing both.

The Moon dragon brings the night and oblivion, flying with its starry wings. I wasn't sure if to call It so or refer to it as Night dragon, because my idea is that people worshipping It made the Moon mask out of gold.
I've been joking for weeks that it is a glowing, flying penis. Well, It still is. To be fair the Oblivion should be able to take whatever form It likes, so yeah, giant flying penis.

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A big ispiration for freeing my fantasy is
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