Raven, Wolf, Unicorn and Moon Picture

This is my submission for twilight-stray’s tattoo contest!
She wanted a native designed tattoo, invited me to try it and I figured why not? I like doin’ this stuff, and I was in need of some good art preoccupation!

To explain:
Wolf and Unicorn dance as friends under the Moon while Raven’s spirit takes flight in the heavens to rejoice.

The only part of this image that was changed form the original description was the Moon instead of the Sun. It just seemed wired to me that there would be a sun in the midst of these three animals when it’s clearly defined by native mythology that Raven and Wolf were Lunar animals and the Unicorn is a Lunar animal by the legendary concept as well- “Lunar” in the sense of female symbols and magic. (The Moon is the ancient symbol for the Female. Every cultural system that works on a Lunar calendar was Matrilineal to begin with or had more sense of equality between men and women, while all the Patriarch societies defined themselves by a solar calendar. Even by many cultural legends as well as some Pagan beliefs, the Sun is male, the Moon female.)

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