'The Leopard Sun' Shattered Moon Picture

Hello everyone! With the launch of the Patreon for The Leopard Sun, Bagheera and I have begun unveiling some concept artworks for the story!

As a quick aside, good golly you all! We have been flabbergasted by the response to the Patreon so far. Not in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would have so many folks pledging (If anything I wondered why anyone should care at all)! We certainly did not expect to absolutely shatter our first goal milestone. To all those that pledged to join us for the adventure, we hope you will find the journey worthwhile and most of all, we thank you from the deepest parts of our hearts for believing in our dream! As 2016 wraps up, I find myself unabashedly screaming THANK YOU at the top of my lungs!!!!!!!!!

Today we would like to share with you a very special piece called Shattered Moon. This is an early speedpaint concept; we plan to revisit the idea and tighten the elements we like from this rough proof of concept.


Of the scimitar moon that gave the rain
Forgotten in the burning heart of her sun
that scorched the earth with arrogant golden waves,
that fell the trees and burnt the grass.

Tears of argent she then wept,
Tears of hope she bequeathed
upon the world that bore her heart
that bore her love.

But the one great sol then took her tears
and cast them asunder to the sea
and to the wind.
And the earth still wept
in flame and shadow it did lament.

And it was then the moon came
with all the courage in her heart
came before her golden sun,
her glory and her ruin

And before him she laid her slender form
Before him she came and stole his flame
that blackened her silvered pelt
that took her love
but broke it not.

Gossamer silver she wept her tears,
So that they fell,
Fell into the Twilight
Fell into the shadow
and shaped the night
So that the sorrows may then rest

And in great shame her sun then sank
with sanguine tears he fell
Fell behind the world
where in darkness he recalled his moon
his mother and his heart.

And unto the twilight and the shadow
he bore his oath that in memory he then recalled.

Mother moon forsake me not
I am your son
Sun of the moon
Great Scimitar moon forsake me not.

In the gloaming they then met
She gleamed in raiment of resplendent light
And bent to kiss him on his head,
A starlit kiss, woven with slumber
And a dream.
And he perceived the fury he had wrought
in wreaths of onyx she bore her spots.

With shame he bent his head
so half her heart was covered in light
Effulgent silver it became
waxing and waning
as he bowed before the night
before the moon
her silver light.

The poem above was written as an early concept for the mythology of the leopards, who revere the Moon as a maternal deity. It is told that male leopards must carry the Moon's sorrow, so the females may bear the Moon's hope.

Hawa, one of the story's central characters, bears many sorrows in his heart. So heavy is his burden, the Moon within him is shattered and broken. And so he treads into shadow, where the Moon cannot follow...

We will be releasing concept artworks on the second & fourth Monday of each month, Patrons who back the project will receive the following:

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