Nightmare Moon Picture

The first big bad of the series, and one of the more intriguing parts of the whole mythology of the show. Plus, you gotta love that custom armor...

Some people discount NMM as a villain because she used such kid's gloves in dealing with the Mane Six after talking a big game, but I always liked the idea that part of Celestia's big gambit was to have her sister use up a significant amount of her power to trap her in the sun, forcing the escaped Princess of the Night to take less direct methods in trying to stop Twilight and her friends. Regardless of her effectiveness as a villain in a children's show (a handicapped role if there ever was one), Luna's darker side remains a favorite... Love her Shadowbolts as well, even if she did technically make up the entire team herself. I'm really looking forward to revisiting her in Season 4.
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