DrG - Teodoro Ibarra Picture

Name: Teodoro Hernando Ibarra
Year: Senior
Age: 17
Race: Aatxe
From: Daccord, Michelle-Ann, USA
Teodoro, Toro for short, a senior aatxe from Daccord. He plays as the power forward on the Tigers, the basketball-team of Dr. Goodenough’s, and is quite good at it. He was sent to the boarding school when his mother, dear old Angelita Ibarra, won the lottery. Instead of wasting the money on a worldly belongings, she was clever and good-hearted enough to put the money into Toro’s education. This got him away from the street-gangs and crime in their neighborhood, but he is still kind of a prankster. He loves chocolate and hip-hop.

Race Info:
The Aatxe are a shapeshifting race, being able to shift between a large red bull or their humanoid form (as can be seen above). They are vegetarians and usually against all sorts of crime.


So, the first official art of a character from the Dr. Goodenough universe. I'm deciding on how the races should look, so I'm gonna draw a student/teacher for every race there is. It'll take forever, so I might not finish, but cheer me along and i could!

I might come back and redo this in a near future. The quality of the lineart is rubbish, but I just wanted to get it done.

Btw, does anyone have any ideas for what I should call the basketball team of the school? 'The Tigers' just doesn't to it for me...

Anyway, read the chapters. Chapter two is on it's way, should be done friday, at the latest.


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Teodoro, Dr. Goodenough's (C)
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