Tauroid Picture

Anton was built to be the ultimate machine…. Literally. After several erroneous machines rebelled, the Providence organization decided to make a machine that would not only be superior to the other machines built before him but he would also be their destructor. With that, Anton was sent to annihilate the other machines and cyborgs as part of his programming. However, after battling them and their teammates, Anton was dissuaded from destroying them and even wished to expose Providence for the rest of the world to see. He considers his predecessors his “fathers”.

Anton is what you might call bluntly honest. He is known to be reflexive on his being and existence. He feels that every human can strive for perfection. As for his views on fighting, Anton is mostly pacifistic. He is already a veritable death machine where most machinations are concerned so wielding his powers against regular mortals would cause devastating effects.

Anton, being the android to replace Tik Tok, Talus (technically human in an metallic suit), Baldric (technically cyborg superhuman), and Artellitron, has been made as a composite being, with his three “fathers” blueprints as a base. As such, he has a wide variety of abilities and traits from each as well as some powers unique to him. These powers include:

· Shapeshifting: Anton is capable of changing and appearance with a mere command.

· Superhuman Strength: Can lift/press up to 80 tons.

· Superhuman Durability: As of yet, nothing is known to stop him.

· Superhuman Endurance: Being a creature of metal and wires, Anton technically feels no pain so the only way to completely incapacitate him is to separate his head from his body or shut him down.

· Superhuman Stamina: Since his body isn’t organic, Anton can go on indefinitely as long as he has an ample power source.

· Superhuman Reflexes: Anton’s body reacts instantaneously.

· Time Traveling: Anton is capable of jumping back or forward five days.

· Flight

· Energy Manipulation: Anton is capable of harnessing and using energy for a number of effects such as:

o Creating weapons or shields out of energy (these are durable to up to 80 tons.)

o Enhancing his physical attacks (punches, kicks, headbutts, etc) with energy to make them more powerful.

o Creating holographic disguises for himself and others in his immediate proximity.

· Super-computer brain: Anton’s brain is basically a sentient computer. He is able to store a massive amount of data (about 1000 terabytes) on such topics as history, foreign languages, and literature. He is able to analyze other objects with remarkable speed. He also has a vast music library in his main frame, being something of an amplifier during parties. He is also able to connect with and take over other computers and security systems. By all accounts, Anton is a genius by any regular human standards. Ironically, even though he is not human, he quite adept at manipulating and predicting human behavior. Because of this, whenever he talks with another, even for just a short amount of time, he is able to deduce their physical and psychological flaws. Because of this, he can manipulate others rather easily by just using the right amount of psychological pressure. He is known to be able to undermine a person’s sense of self by merely talking to them.

o It is because of his brain that Anton has become the team’s first analyst, and secondary tactician and strategist (after Baldric)

· Density Control: Anton is capable of altering his density from as light and as tangible as air to as dense and as heavy as any hard material he thinks of.

o Because of this ability to alter his density, he can grab inside another organism and cause them intense pain. By increasing his density while his appendages are in another organism, he can cause severe internal injuries and even death by increasing the density of and then removing his appendage.

· Transformation: Anton is capable of altering his physical state even further by transforming into small, high-tech vehicles that can house up to only four people at most.

· Martial Artist: He has downloaded and mastered most forms of martial art as a result.

Anton models his appearance and codename after the Minotaur, another humanoid from Greek mythology that was just as equally formidable.

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