Daughters of Dionysus Picture

So since I've been done a lot of daughters of gods, I decided to do the daughters of one of my favorite gods, Dionysus. From left to right: Eudaemonia, Paidia, Pandaisia, and Pannychis. I really don't have distinct personalities for all four of them yet. But they are all just as fun-loving as their father. I tried to make them look like decent mixes of their parents' features. Together, Dionysus and Ariadne had many children. Last I counted, there seemed to be at least sixteen lucky boys and girls that could have claimed to be one of Dionysus and Ariadne's babies. Talk about getting busy. Most of those children, however, were sons. There were only four girls as far as I know. My favorite is probably Pannychis. I just think her outfit and look turned out the best.

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