:Ardeosbane: S5: Chimera assassin Picture

For #ArdeosBane

Char. Name: Iasion
Real name: Clovis
Age: 17
Gender(char/irl): Male/Male
Level: 63
Species: Chimera
Class: Assassin (using a saber and a colichemarde - sort of rapier - +2 daggers and of course the poison of his fellow body mate).
Side: O..o keep the world as a game of course.

_Personnality: Clovis always wanted to be a monster and hated manking since his very first day (never say that's impossible or he will kill you ruthlessly).
So he'll do all he's able to, to keep this world as a game.
He's rather high self esteem even if he would have prefer to be a "real" monster instead of that -still very human- creature he is actually.
As a leader, he is very charismatic and eloquent.
He is also very strategical and logical.
He don't do a lot of difference between the different species even if he would be more harsh with his kind.
Also he don't want to kill anybody who don't agree with his opinion because if he kill them all he wouldn't be able to have fun anymore.

_Talents: a lot x'D
more seriously :- Fencing
- Drawing
- very good stamina
-speed and swiftness

_Weaknesses: he is protector so never touch to his friends.
In fight he is maybe too much offensive.
He can't kill anything cute
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