Witchy Triptych Picture

Date: Summer 2011

Eventually, I'll add some hinges and actually connect all of these so it will be a real triptych. For now, a set of three retablos featuring ancient Greek witches: Pasiphae, Circe, and Medea.

I'm not completely happy with them, but they aren't bad. Circe's pose and dress look a little weird because I was using someone else's work for reference. (I didn't mark down the source, if anyone recognizes the pose and can tell me the original, that would be great. It was an old drawing of Circe I found in a book of art history.) Pasiphae was inspired by a picture of Mary and Jesus, but then drawn on my own rather than trying to reproduce the style like I had for Circe. She's holding the Minotaur, if you couldn't tell. And finally, Medea is all me. That was the first painting where I was comfortable enough with painting not to look for ideas anywhere else.

The colors signify absolutely nothing. I am starting to learn about iconography and will try to make more purposeful coloring decisions in the future, but at this point I was just having fun.
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