Rleyh - Mythos Picture

Rleyh, as You can guess, is a play on the reknown Lovecraftian word "rlyeh" from the Cthulhu mythos (before some asshat chimes in, as they have in the past, and say "You stolez dat frum Luvkraft!").

The Abominable World of Renfeld Rleyh is an entire mythos inspired graphic novel world I've been working on for some time now, which blends elements of more traditional comic arch-types, with shock horror and a whole lot of fucked up weirdness. Now that I have quite good prospects with my current job to actually have some spending money coming up soon, I might actually get to finally see it self published.

Anyhow, to whom "Mythos" is...

Mythos is a nu-metal band within the world of Rleyh, made up of refugee Apochryphites (Greek for "those who remained hidden away"), who've settled in our world and taken a cue from shock metal bands such as Lordi, save their act portrays them as musicians pretending to wear costumes when, in reality, they really are what they appear to be - Non human "monsters".

The band consists of -

Luellen Diogenes -
Lead singer and songwriter for "Mythos", "Lu" (as she prefers to be called) is a 20 something female Gorgon, and the great, great, great grandniece of the infamous Gorgon Medusa.
Not wanting to hover under her mythic ancestors shadow forever, it was Lu's idea to start Mythos with the other members, in a way of striking back against a world who's oppressive societies not only destroyed her ancestors rights on Earth, but has slowly begun to seep into her own home dimension as well.

Antheas "Andy" -
A male Satyr and Mythos bassist, Andy, like most of his kith and kin, came along for two things that band life brings - Women and parties. If not for his goat-like lower proportions, most women who've known Andy for long would think he was a pig, instead of a faun, as women are meant for one thing in his eyes - recreation.

Jenny Greenteeth -
Jenny Greenteeth is a female Grindylow Fairie and the lead guitarist of Mythos. Even though she and the rest of Mythos have been on the scene for long, she's already been praised upon and whispered to be one of this generations next "legends" for her ability to grind an axe.
The other legendary aspect of Jenny, and possibly her future downfall (if it even turns out to be one, it could be argued) is her rampant drug use. Drug use that might kill a large clydesdale horse might only give her a case of the snickers and giggles. So is the effects of earthly inebriants on that which is of the Fae.

Dae D Lust -
A rather hulking specimen of an already reknownly large race, Dae is Minotaur and Mythos's resident drummer. Although he's quite a complex and deeply spiritual person, Dae is believed by most of the world to be some form of complex animated prop (a belief he sometimes takes great joy in whenever he finds himself in an awkward situation with "mundies" (mundanes/humans).

Mythos's original drummer (not shown), a Kraken by the name of Hughlu, eventually left the band over creative differences (that, and the fact his drumming generally led to large splashes of water from his tank shorting out the rest of the band's equipment)...

Whenever I'm working on my Rleyh based material, I often listen to Otep, as I love not only the lead singers (Otep Shamaya) growly vocal capacities, but her songwriting skills are some of the best out there (having both a meaningful message, as well as just badass to listen to). Because of this, if Luellen ever had a voice, and Mythos has a sound, it would undoubtably be Otep, bar none...

All characters above are copywritten and owned by me, myself and I...
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