Feasting Picture

Garth always enjoys a meal and he will take whoever he can get.

This image has quite a story. When the artist was originally going to draw Garth, he only drew mature art, and I didn’t want that, we kind of had this disagreement about it, but in the end I said it would be fine and I relented. This was like a year ago and I look back on it and it seriously wasn’t that big a deal.

Now since I have been able to make art for myself, I did a little touching up and made a clean version of the picture with Garth and the way that I like him.

I will of course also be showing the original work that the artist made for me and it is a great job, I am not saying that it isn’t.
I just prefer Garth to be clean and able to be seen by all audiences.

Here is the Original: www.furaffinity.net/view/10699…

Art & Prey © Nubarq
Garth © Me

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