Icareon Picture

I plan to revise the backstory of this Pokemon creation of mine, later. I've always had a fondness for Greek mythology. So I based this Pokemon's name after the Greek young boy, Icarus. However, I accidentally explained who Icarus was incorrectly. >.>; Icarus is actually a young boy who escaped from the labyrinth prison ruled by the Minotaur. Icarus's father constructed wings out of wax for his son to escape safely. However, Icarus flew to close to the son, his wings melted, and fell to his death in the sea.
This Pokemon is an Eevee evolution that I made up. A Dragon/flying type. You can read the paragraph to read it's background.
To add more to the paragraph, Icareon's wings shed wax. Which is not only used for candles, but healing remedies as well.
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