Neo Force Picture

Bushi Sentai Einhengers

The Neo Force

It is the Super Sentai No. 04 of my goal of 50 original Sentai.
They are the third group of rangers of the Bushi Sentai Einhengers, there are a total of 19 rangers then I divided them into groups, is a sentai that I wanted to make a ranger for each color ever used in a ranger (Only colors) and some others that i really like. They are a mix of nordic deities, greek mythology and even some special creatures that you will see soon.

From left to right:

Zack / Einhenjar Black - Phantom
Tommy / Einhenjar Golden - Pegasus
Cooper / Einhenjar Silver - Minotaur
Shelly / Einhenjar Cyan - Kraken
Jeremy / Einhenjar Brown - Basilisk

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