Reconsideration Picture

It's nights like tonight when I'm working on my story and realize how much Knossus has changed.

Knossus, more commonly known as Bambi, started out as a character that was vastly under-developed because he was meant to be comical relief for passing time between classes. When he was created, I saw a little potential for him, but always felt he'd only be good as some side character or minor character of a story.

Bambi was created before Anomalies, in the Fall of 2008. There was no cast for him to connect with, other than a fictional representation of myself. His demonhood was really mocked horrendously in the beginning (I mean in real life since he didn't have a fictional story of his own before Anomalies, he was mostly a tool for LARPing). No one took him seriously, no matter what. This led him to be a very bitter and angry character.

That kind of personality has lingered with him, and elements of his origin are still intact though less emphasized (like his appearance as a minotaur and his skill to possess living beings).

He didn't really blossom as a character until after I began to work on Anomalies. Bambi became a shining star and leading motivation to push the series forward, in one way or another. If Bambi weren't in Anomalies, there probably wouldn't be such a highly structured god system, concept of heaven and hell worlds, the integration of mythological themes in Anomalies, and so many characters would never have been created without him. I guess, in his own way, Bambi is the Duchamp of Anomalies.
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