Pelasgean fight Picture

A page from my before-the-previous-one sketchbook (drawing done some 6 months ago) depicting a scene which might have been recurring some 60 centuries before now in a far-away plan, when the innards of a Minoan-like culture have been developed, with what was a kind of "humans" fighting against their cruel conquerors, the Telchines (humanoid sea-mammals, whales, dolphins, sea-leopards, sea-elephants), with the aid of the Proteans (at time, mermen with body covered in scales and fish-inspired faces, would later evolve to Tritons, with legs separated and feet with some flippers on their sides, few would have also conches on the back).
As well, the earth was populated with Minotaurs, Satyrs, and Werewolves, all related to humans and between each other, but so distinctively split in the class society, through hierarchies based on the works they were raised to craft (not much has changed in the last 60 centuries, right?).
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