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Jumpan on another bandwagon.

These aren't really sized by importance. I just don't want to use too many images. XD

Did this for the video game meme, so I might as well explain my influences for this, too. Yeah, tl;dr time.

Dinosaur Planet: Pretty much what got me into drawing in 2005, as well as onto DA. Primarily drew the two anthropomorphic protagonists (as well as their partners), but as my interest in DP grew via research and my drawing, I eventually evolved what little there was known of the story into a full plotline, complete with backstory. The novelization's still on hiatus, but my interest in the game hasn't faltered. Still wishfully awaiting a full release of the game. =w=; [Image is the official wallpaper for the game.]

Birds and avians: Somewhat of a recent influence. As far as anthros go, I prefer avians over mammals, mainly because avians are more fun to draw. [Image by Goldenwolf: [link]]

Dragons: My major influence in 2002/03. I actually drew more cutesy ones than the big GAR ones, but I loved both kinds regardless. Not as much of a dragonfag as I was back then, but I still find them pretty darn cool. [Image is Onyxia from the WoW TGC (image found on WoWWiki)]

Banjo-Kazooie: THIS. THIS GAME IS WHAT GOT ME INTO DRAWING. Used to draw a bunch back then (don't have any old art of it, though. D: ), but it still remains my biggest influence, as well as one of my favorite N64 games. Especially since it was my first N64 game. THAT'S WHY IT'S SUCH A BIG DEAL TO ME. [Image is one of the official Banjo-Kazooie renders.]

Canine animals (wolves, foxes, etc.): Because no anthro artist would ever be fully complete without the obligatory canid artwork. Yeah, I draw canines a lot. Mostly wolves, but I have drawn other canines and other animals. I prefer worgs/dire wolves over the standard wolves, though. [Image by Feralkyn: [link]]

Spyro 1: Got into this game... last year, I think? I absolutely love it. Personal favorite out of the PSX Spyro trilogy mainly because of the music and atmosphere of the levels. Hard to really pin it as a significant influence since I don't draw enough artwork of it. XD [Image is a render from the game, found on DarkSpyro.]

Anthro/Furry artwork: In b4 "lol furfag". If you can't tell from my drawings, I have a liking for anthros (mainly the decent stuff. None of that yiffy crap.). They're just fun to draw, okay? [Image by Dreamkeepers: [link]]

Touhou: "but karru you don't draw any touhou". Haven't really gotten around to it yet. Though, the music does give me inspiration for some of my drawings. Actually listening to the music right now. VOYAGE 1969, BITCHES. [Image from... dunno, really. Found it in the depths of my hard drive.]

Disgaea: Because the recent stuff in my gallery isn't a big enough clue. Aside from the games being both fun and hilarious, I love the character designs. Only drawn a select few of the cast so far, but I'm getting around to drawing more. Sometime. >w> [Image from the Disgaea Digital Illustration Artbook.]

Higurashi: Oh god, I still remember my Higu years. I think I've gotten more sane, now that I think about it. Though, aside from me not drawing the entire cast as anthro canines, I've met a good lot of my friends from this fandom. Kekindled my interest in the series some time ago (you can blame Rika for that.), and I might redraw some fanart of it. [Image is from the Higurashi Matsuri game.]

Minotaurs and tauren: Pretty much an obvious one. :'D "Anthro bovines" can fall into this category, too, I guess. Dunno why, but I find them very fun to draw. [Image found on WoWWiki.]

Warcraft: Haven't drawn much fanart of it nowadays, but it's still a pretty decent influence. My current persona Karruna was created thanks to the games. XD [Image found on WoWWiki.]

Japanese mythology: Been quite a major influence for me nowadays. Hell, I'm currently doing a roleplay with a pal of mine with youkai up the wazoo. [Image by Missmonster: [link]]

My friends: This should go without saying. They're probably my biggest source of inspiration I know of. EmBBu, Kate, Sardonicus, Shela, Kai, Staris, Archy, Draconarius, and everyone else I forgot to mention... You're all awesome, zam. c: [Image by Kate/Nano-Desu: [link]]


I don't take credit for any of the images used in this. :U
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