Mythology comes real Picture

One day i got bored and i don't know what to do,i made this picture of my family as mythology.My Mother a Scylla,My Father as a Gnome,My Niece(Blue Shirt) as Medusa or Gorgon,My Niece(Pink Shirt)as a Fairy,My Sister(Blue Hair) as a Phoenix,My Sister(Mexican Lookin one)as a Syrin or Mermaid,my sister(Big Boobs) as a Vampire(the old one that loves chocolate),Me as a Minotaur,The Dog(Black Fur) as Cerberus,The Dog(Lil Puppy)as a Cockatrice,the Cat(green tail)as a Chimera,the birds are non-mythological are the Alarm Clocks(Not Colored)
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