The God of Gods WIP Picture

Zeus, the Main God.

In my art class we have to do 12 pieces that have one relation to each other, in other words, we have a concentration and have to make up pieces related to that. So my concentration is mythology.
*whenever people hear mythology they automatically think, OH GREEK MYTHOLOGY, HERCULES AND MINOTAUR, LAWL!! but i know there isn't just greek mythology. I've done native american mythology, norse mythology, romanian, etc. So don't think i don't know anything* lol

It isn't done yet, i need to add a lightning bolt and add some detail to the blackness on top lol
My scanner sucks and changed up all the colors but ... they're basically the same .. oh well
Just wanted to show you guys
and i promise i'm almost done with those free sketches ... i'm just a slacker lol

done with acrylic paint
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