White Buffalo Concept Art Picture

Here we have an alternate character concept to the "Modern Minotaur" character. If you can't tell already; lately I've been obsessed with the concept of the Minotaur of Greek mythology and so I tried thinking of a new way to depict the character of "B the Minotaur". What came about was a complete character switch effectively creating "White Buffalo".

With this concept; White Buffalo was a young native american girl with no name adopted and taken in by the Cheyenne tribe of Wyoming (Location a bit iffy, could someone clarify?). The day she transformed for the first time into her true, albino minotaur self; the people of the tribe saw her as the personification of their mythical White Buffalo Lady and named her as such. Now White Buffalo stands as a sort of oracle to the Cheyenne people.

Let me know what ya'll think in the comments below!
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